5 Must-have Gifts for Your Baby Registr

Getting ready for baby is an exciting and, let’s face it, often expensive time, especially if you are expecting your first child. While it may feel strange to ask for specific gifts, creating a baby registry makes sense in all kinds of ways. Not only does a baby registry help avoid duplicate gifts, it lets family, friends and colleagues know exactly what you need, helping them choose something they know you will really value. It will also allow shower guests to chip in for more expensive items, relieving financial pressure as you prepare for baby.

Bear in mind that many of the basic necessities, such as onesies, clothes, hats, bottles and toys, will take care of themselves and you can always make up any shortfall after your baby shower. With that in mind, here are five higher-end items we recommend you include in your baby registry:

Car Seat

A quality rear-facing baby car seat for the back seat of your vehicle is a must and is one of the first things you will use as you begin your journey as a parent. Not only will a car seat be used to bring baby home safely from the hospital, it will ensure you will be fully mobile once your new arrival is ready to go out and about.Baby Photography

Baby Photography

While baby will outgrow most of the gifts you receive at your baby shower, quality, framed photographs of you and your newborn is a gift that will last forever. A specialist newborn photographer can visit your home, or even the hospital, to capture those special early moments of your new baby’s life, while some will have dedicated studios set up specifically for photographing newborns. Be sure to choose a photographer that includes parent and sibling portraits as part of the package.

Video Baby Monitor

A good video baby monitor can provide invaluable peace of mind and higher-end models come with some amazing features. Not only can you see and talk to your baby from anywhere in your home, you can also check in on your baby via your smartphone when you are out of the house. Other features include infra-red night vision, room temperature monitoring, and more.

Baby Carrier

From basic wraps to fully-featured ergonomic models, a baby carrier is something you will use again and again once you begin to go out and about with baby. Not only do baby carriers do away with the need for bulky strollers and push chairs, they also help create a special bond between you and baby.


Whether a cot or bassinet is best for you is really a personal decision. Many mums skip bassinets entirely, opting to move baby directly to cot once they are a few months old. Whichever you choose, there will come a time when baby will need their own bed so it is good to have a cot or bassinet on hand for when that day comes. Even if you are just a few months into your pregnancy you should start working on your baby registry as soon as possible to give your loved ones ample time to buy you the gifts you really need.

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