How to Create a Family Photo Wall That Tells Your Story

Effectively displaying family photographs in the home can present some surprising challenges. While it is easy to place photos here and there around the home, creating a cohesive and attractive photo wall that tells the story of your family can require quite a bit of thought.

entryway photo wall

Because your photo wall will tell the story of your family over a number of years it is likely that you will be dealing with photos of varying sizes and quality that have been taken by different people with different cameras. Bringing these disparate elements into a cohesive unit is one of the most challenging, and fun, parts of creating your family photo wall.

The first thing you need to do is pick your space. A photo wall by the stairs will have a very different look and feel to one in a hallway, a living room or even a kitchen. The amount of space available and the background wall colour will also be key in deciding the final look of your creation.

Try to pick a unifying theme. When creating a photo wall it is good to have at least one underlying element that holds the display together. This doesn’t have to mean keeping the photos all the same size or having them perfectly aligned. Unifying themes could include the colour of the picture frames, whether the images are colour or black and white, or perhaps choosing only images that were taken by the seaside. You could even dedicate a family wall entirely to baby and maternity photographs.

DIY family photo wall black and white


If you are experimenting with an asymmetrical layout that uses a variety of different frame sizes it can be a good idea to use paper cut-outs stuck to the wall to give you an idea of the look and feel of the final layout. Be sure you are happy with the shape, size and placement of all the images before you invest in the actual frames.

asymmetric family photo wall

While we all take more photos than ever before, it may be worth considering a professionally taken photograph to use as the centerpiece of your family photo wall. If you are looking for inspiration, you could consider building your photo wall around an upcoming family event such as a new baby. Booking a session with a specialist newborn or maternity photographer can be an excellent first step in creating a photo wall that will track the life of your child or children for years to come.

Finally, don’t forget that your picture wall should tell the story of your family. Whether you want to limit the photos to your immediate family or include the whole clan, don’t be afraid to chop or change as the story evolves or even leave some extra space on your wall so you can add photos of important future events.

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