Family that hikes together….

One of the last Mummy & Me sessions were held last week up in the Perth hills.  I was looking for a perfect location in the area before even realizing that hiking through national parks and enjoying the nature is exactly what Brett, Nicole and their boys Mitchell & Daniel love to do on weekends.  It was meant to be, and even rainy weather didn’t spook us off from taking family photos! We were granted half-an-hour of glorious light and only got rained on a little after reaching the top of the hill.   It was fun to take a step back and watch the little ones run wild, pick flowers, discover tadpoles and be completely comfortable in their element!

Living by the beach we are only a short drive from Kalamunda and the hills, but it was like stepping into a whole different world.  Thank you Nic & Brett for showing me your stunning backyard and sharing this peaceful time together.  The view of clouds and rain over Perth in the far distance is something I’ll savor for a long time!


family that hikes together little boy standing at the top of the hill

Little baby, BIG world!  The whole of Perth below and rain clouds above. We couldn’t ask for a better photography weather!

When you go for a hug you just have to commit to it.  Even if your little brother isn’t up for it!

snuggly family portrait boy poking his tongue out

This little boy is full of character and not at all shy!  I had fun chasing Mitchell around trying to catch a shot.

looking out into the distance over Perth view over Perth from the top of the hill