Feature Business – ASTER & RUBY HANDMADE

If you remember back to this post where I shared some of the images that were featured in the Offspring Magazine.  I was so very lucky to have worked with amazing fashions from Milla Ruby Designs.

Caddie, the owner, designer and sewer (is that a word?) behind the brand has a huge fan base.  Her garments are by far the best handmade items I’ve ever come across:  very unique, of the highest quality and made with love (the love component is apparent when you hold these precious little creations in your own hands).

What you may not realize is that Caddie also has an awesome personality!  She is gorgeous, never without a smile, full of energy and such a happy happy person!  Now with her two business partners they have started an exciting brand new venture.  Read more in the interview as I caught up with Caddie to take some photos of her beautiful range.



Caddie, how did you arrive at what Milla Ruby Designs is today?

I love to sew!  I find it relaxing and when the garment in finished I love looking at the finished product.

It’s wonderful to hear customer feedback.  I always seem to hear that they love the quality of the fabric I use and that they are made so well.  It makes me want to go make more!  And I get a lot of repeat customer which is fantastic.


Your pieces are very much vintage inspired.  Is it coming from your personal style?

I love Florals and lace!  You don’t seem to get much of that in the shops.  I love to dress children like children and not in mini versions of adult clothing.  My clothing has a vintage charm but they are also simply designed and sweet.  I want my clothes to be wearable for most occasions.  I don’t want them to be sitting on a hanger in the cupboard.



I often wonder why frilly bloomers don’t come in adult sizes.  🙂  Have you ever made an item and decided to replicate it for yourself?

I have fabric here for me 🙂  I would love to make some shirts.  I’ve made a shirt for myself once and received lots of comments but unfortunately have not had the time as I am flat out with the kids’ clothing.  Now that both my girls are at school full time and I can make something for myself.



What is the artistic process to bring your vision to life?  Does it happen quickly or do your designs take time from ‘idea’ stage to the finished piece?   Do your final results usually match your initial vision?

It usually does not take me long to bring a piece of clothing to life!  I will usually source the fabric, find a contrasting fabric to match it perfectly, then decide on the best design that would showcase the fabric the best way.  The hardest part to pick is the lace!  It sets the dress off perfect and it’s all in the little details.

What is your favorite piece to make?

My favorite is the vintage style pleated pinafore.  A simple sweet dress with front pleat detailing and lace trims.  I also use the most gorgeous florals I can find.  They sell fairly quickly too.  I only make so many and then I move onto the next color.  Customers like to know they are purchasing a product that is not mass reproduced and a little bit special!


Plans for the near future:  what does 2012 have in store for you?

My biggest move has to be opening our brick and mortar store at the Mandurah Ocean Marina.  It’s lovely to see so many people popping in and telling us it’s wonderful to see such beautiful handmade products.  Our store consists of myself, Brooke Lowe and Jess Bingham from Asterbelle.  Customers love to purchase a piece of clothing and then customize is with hair accessories or a lovely piece of jewellery.  We will also be making more handmade products for us – mothers!  our next step is opening an online store so customers who cannot get to us can still experience the Aster & Ruby Handmade store and all its’ loveliness!  We want our products to travel far and wide!


My little Ellie in her own Milla Ruby Designs dress:

Aster & Ruby shop can be found at:

Dolphin Quay, 4 Zephyr Mews in Mandurah (inside the main pavilion)

You can also follow them on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Asterandruby