Half way mark

We were hoping to dance in the rain and jump in puddles, but funnily enough Perth winter hadn’t provided this time:  not a drop of water in sight!  Quick change of plans and we were back on the property to do a little exploring instead (aka tree climbing, snail tasting, wet grass walking and enjoying the winter sun rays).  My kids tagged along for this one, and it was wonderful to see them (at least one of them) free ranging in the bush and making a new friend.  They are not yet the most patient of companions when I work, but through a few tears and some reasoning we made it.  Thank you Nicky for being so patient and warm!

Two sisters out of 3 for this session, and after 6 months of photographing Ella – the littlest one – she finally smiled for me!  Still very reserved and shy, but it was a genuine moment of joy and I loved it!  Let’s call it a turning point, because who know what’s next! 8)




_MG_9238 _MG_9323 _MG_9347 _MG_9355 _MG_9401 _MG_9364 _MG_9414


Just couldn’t leave one of these on the cutting room floor, so let’s keep them both!

_MG_9414_bw _MG_9482 _MG_9450 _MG_9459 _MG_9495

Ava was a natural leader – taking my Sam all around the place and making up games as they went.  Let’s call it a little bonus – making new friends!



  • Olya - Love the cheeky smiles! These girls are so adorable. You have taken great family photos and I just love following the updates every month!ReplyCancel

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