Long awaited treasure

If you remember this beautiful mama-to-be you’ll be excited about meeting her gorgeous little boy!  Baby Oscar made his parents wait and wait and wait some more until finally making his appearance.

To be entirely honest, after photographing Tracey I couldn’t wait to meet her brand new baby.  He slept so beautifully, didn’t fuss and didn’t even wee on me – such a good baby! 🙂  It was a good day in the studio all around.  And it’ll only be a few months before I see him again!


Tracey and Mick, thank you for coming all the way down and bringing little Oscar for his first portraits.  I enjoying seeing your updates on Instagram and the first smiles – he is growing quickly and is absolutely perfect!  I can’t wait to see you all again soon.  And I really hope that Oscar’s little cousin arrived safely 🙂






  • Sarah Packer - Hi,

    I am intereste din a newborn session, and was just wondering if you could forward me some more information on sessions and print/digital file prices.

    Also do you offer vouchers? The session is not for myself, I would be looking to purchase a voucher or pay for the session fee for a friend.


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