Motherhood as it is. Belly to Baby project

This was our 3 session with Diana and sweet baby Elana as part of our project, where for 12 months I record  the progress of each family on the journey from Belly to Baby.  And it’s starting to really show what parenthood is all about:  not always glossy (or maybe not ever), but special and ever-changing and important….  every step of the way.


Elana is 2 months old in this set of photographs, and as described by her Mum she is starting to show her little personality.  Isn’t it amazing that it becomes pretty clear very early on what kind of child she is going to be as she gets bigger!

It never seizes to amaze me how this helpless little creatures that we make are born whole, complete with personalities and temperaments, their own likes and dislike – before we even know.


_MG_6241 _MG_6243 _MG_6254 _MG_6249 _MG_6266 _MG_6269 _MG_6262


As this session unfolded baby girl started to get restless.  And I remembered those same terrifying moments with my own newborns,

when all I wanted was to comfort them.  If only we could move mountains.

Breath in mummy, breath out mummy, it goes so quickly and forgotten in an instance.

This is newborn photography as it is: real, perhaps not the most exciting moment captured, but certainly one to treasure.

_MG_6261 _MG_6281


If you or someone you know would like to get involved in the Belly to Baby project please follow this link for more information

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