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I’ve recently written an article for the monthly newsletter distributed by Baby Hints & Tips and would like to share it here:


“What are we doing with our memories?” – a reasonable question I asked myself about 6 months ago.  As a photographer, naturally I am taking hundreds of photos of my own children every year.  Guess how many are on my walls?  Well, these days I am doing better, but 6 months ago – not so many that’s for sure!

When my now 3-year old boy was a baby and I made time to edit his images, print them, arrange in perfect order in his gorgeous baby album and scrapbook the best of the best, I ever so naively thought that this perfect routine will go on.  Nope, that obviously didn’t happen.

Life takes over, things get busier with every new milestone reached.  And as our families grow so do demands on our time.  We still take hundreds of photos of our kids every year, hoping to one day get round to finally download them off the memory card, save, back up, print, arrange, scrapbook, frame, etc.  The questions is… when?

So today I’d like to encourage you to finally get to it!  You’ll be impressed how simple and fast it is to get your photo-memories in order!  The best part is if you do, I think you’ll be impressed and a little rewarded with the results.

With this said, here are my suggestions:

1.  Get everything off your cards and onto your computer, all in one place.

2.  Then delete all images that you don’t like:  double-ups, uninteresting, blurry, anything that doesn’t make you soft and gooey inside.  Anything that’s not a memory has to go:  de-clutter and clarify if you will.

3.  Now to organise,  you should have a separate folder of family photos:  break it into sub-folders by a calendar year

(when kids were tiny I preferred to keep their images separately and by month, but found that system was too time consuming.  It might be worth doing it for the first year of your bub’s life, but beyond then it can get confusing).

4.  File your images into all relevant folders

5.  Back up onto external hard-drive (best if you have one or two dedicated only to family photos, to avoid anything being deleted by mistake)

6. Do this at least once a month.  This way you’ll easily keep on top of things and it won’t take a long time.

It is also very important to know that any technology (computers, CD’s, hard-drives) cannot be trusted 100%.  Treat your IT like you expect it to one day let you down by failing and loosing your most precious memories.  Backing up is a must, of course, but nothing will ensure your memories are safe like a hard copy.

Printing can be very affordable these days, and your local lab is good enough to get your snaps printed up.  It won’t be the quality of pro-labs, but that’s not the point here.  We just want a hard copy.  Something you can put in and album or a box and flick through every now and again.  Kids will love it too (and appreciated it even more in 25-30 years time).

As to your best, most favorite and memorable images – you need them in front of your eyes.  You need to see them every day!  Enlarge and frame (we have quite a few IKEA frames on our walls in addition to professionally framed photographs and canvasses) – there are plenty of options for every budget, so don’t make price the excuse not to enjoy your family all over your walls!

Childhood is fleeting, I learned that quick smart.  And looking at the photographic memory of beautifully chubby cheeks, precious blond curls and innocent eyes of my then one year old, on not so great days they remind me that this (whatever it is) will pass, and we’ll move on.  Something will replace ‘it’ and looking back I will smile, yet again, at the though of how insignificant the “bumps in the road” are and just how important it is to embrace the ‘now’.  All too soon the ‘now’ is gone.  I think we all need a reminder.  My walls do just that!… in spades.


images and more inspiration for your walls can be found at Laura Winslow Photography {wall art Wednesday}

  • Jen - Love these! Are the photos in #3 gallery mounts and what size? Thanks for your help! I would love to do this in our home. : )ReplyCancel

  • admin - Jen, I am glad you enjoyed the article! The images were taken from Laura Winslow’s blog (see link above), she shares fabulous ideas every week.
    My guess those are gallery mounts (but can also be done as canvas)which are 5×5″ square. You can also do this kind of display as a single storyboard on a large canvas.ReplyCancel

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