Are Professional Photographers becoming Obsolete?

Nowadays, whether or not professional photographers are worth hiring seems to be a hot topic, with some people arguing that anybody with a modern smartphone is capable of taking great pictures. It’s true that the amateur can capture a fantastic photo, and not all professional photographers can guarantee with full confidence that their pictures are worth the price.

However, paid photographers usually use the very best equipment because their livelihood depends on it, and provided they’ve had specialist training and are familiar with the latest techniques, styles and standards, it’s highly likely that they can capture better-looking pictures than the typical amateur.

At Onesie and Co, we want people to invest in our services with confidence, which is why this article details some of the processes of a professional photographer. You can read our previous blog to learn some top amateur photographer tips, but if you want to capture the most magical moments of your pregnancy, it’s worth learning exactly what your money gets when you hire a pro.

Art Direction

Often, photographers use an art director to help them find the most beautiful shot. We know that you don’t need hundreds of photos of you during pregnancy filling up your wall space, which is why before capturing photos, we take the time to find the best settings. Part of our job is narrowing the photos down to the finest few, and it can take hours to weed out the greats from the not-so-greats.

Staged Photography

When it comes to maternity photography, we think taking a mix of staged and candid photos is necessary to capture magical memories. Candid photos are those taken without you being aware while staged photography refers to the pictures which you pose for. It takes lots of practice to ensure staged photos evoke the right emotions, and it’s vital to get it right because your pregnancy is truly magical.


A good photographer will take days to scout out the best locations and venues to take photos of you and your unborn child. Even if you want all the pictures taken at home, we still need to investigate the lighting and find out what it will take to ensure high quality in the finished result. Do you know how to create the perfect lighting to bring out the best in your photographs?

The Composition

Every picture needs to be composed, whether it’s a photo or a painting. In the case of the former, a photographer must define the photo’s subject and decide which elements to include. They should consider how to fill the space and where to create vertical and horizontal lines that will ultimately affect how people view your photographs.

Post Production

Taking photos is only half of our job; we then need to narrow the pictures down from hundreds to dozens, tweak, render, print, and frame. Professional photographers can enhance photos in ways that most amateurs can’t – even with the latest smartphone apps.

At Onesie and Co, we are professional maternity photographers in Perth that want to help you remember the magic of pregnancy forever, and we go to the lengths detailed above and more to guarantee striking and beautiful photos. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our services.

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