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My Dad giving out strict instructions:  “Don’t turn on the lights!” – while he tinkered in our 2×2 sqm Soviet bathroom with rolls of black and white film.  One of my brightest childhood memories relating to photography.  This and standing on a wobbly stool reaching for the old leather case to sneak a peak at Dad’s Zenit camera.    Little did I know that later in life it would become my own fascinating profession.  I remember watching him develop the film, hang it over the bath to dry, print his own photos by hand and even teach me to take the film cassettes apart with my hands tucked safely under a heavy blanket.  We’ve kept many of those early photographs in our treasured family archives.  Mum was always good at keeping the memories, scrapbooks and volumes upon volumes of velvet-lined albums.

Fine lines have always lead me in life.  Coming to Australia was definitely one of those fine lines (I am a Russian bride after all, and as my husband jokes often he bought me on eBay.  Not true, but we’ll save that story for another day).  Choosing photography was a light bulb moment and right there and then it felt like a perfect fit.  Funnily, I was wondering what to do with my life and suddenly came across a long-lost friend who studied photography at the time.  LIGHT BULB!

These days I am in search of more joy, more beauty, more love and more vision.  Possibly even changing the world a little.  What about you?  What are you looking for?  Do you ever wonder how we end up where we are?


xx Emilia

  • Dina Grant - Hi,

    I would like to get my 5 children photographed. Ages 14 to 11 months.

    Could you please explain your pricing.


    • Emilia - Dina, I have contacted you directly with all pricing and booking information. Please keep an eye on your inbox!