How to prepare for your Newborn photo session: FAQ.

Dear new parents, please use this helpful list to prepare for your newborn photo session with Onesies & Co.

First and most important thing to remember – we got it!  Getting out of the door on time with your brand new baby in tow is going to be challenging.  We endeavor to make your experience with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.  All you need to do is get to the studio, everything else is taken care of:  from snacks & drinks to spare nappies to entertainment for siblings.


Scheduling the session

Capturing your newborn within the first two weeks of life while they are still sleepy and curled up (as if still in the womb), can make all the difference in your newborn portraits.  Since we never really know when your little one will arrive we will put your estimated due date on our calendar when you book. Please contact us as soon as your baby is born and we will set your appointment accordingly (keep Emilia’s number in your phone to share your happy news: 0405 348 383).

If your baby comes early or  your hospital stay extends beyond expectation, don’t panic! We always do our best to prioritize newborns into our schedule, and older babies take beautiful portraits too.  We can’t wait to meet you little one!


How should I prepare for my session?

We recommend that you bring baby to the session well rested and plan to feed as soon as you arrive. Full tummy is a key to peaceful slumber and a successful outcome.  Sleepy babies photograph perfectly!   We take necessary breaks for feeding baby during the session to ensure that your little one is happy and settled. We ask that you not be too concerned with scheduled feedings during the session and that you feed baby on demand or when they get a bit fussy to ensure their comfort and a smooth session.  To help ease into the session please dress your baby in a zip-up (or button-up) suit that doesn’t require being pulled over his/her head.

It’s common for brand new babies to have a lot of dry peeling skin.  Please don’t be alarmed.  You can leave it that way and embrace the new-ness of your tiny human, OR you can choose to smooth it out with baby lotion.  If so please apply to the dry areas with every nappy change for 2-3 days before your session.  Fractionated coconut oil (safe for babies) is available at the studio and can be used during the session with your permission.


Can I circumcise my baby boy before his newborn photo session?

NO!! Please wait until after your session. We will be posing and swaddling your boy naked. The fabrics are soft, however a fresh circumcision is very fragile and often uncomfortable for a newborn. When we wrap and unwrap, along with changing his position, the circumcision can become irritated even further which leads to a VERY unhappy baby who is not able to be photographed. We do not want to make your baby hurt or uncomfortable. Please note, we feel very strongly about this and we WILL send you home if your baby arrives at the studio and has been circumcised within 5 days of your session.


What should my baby wear?

Newborns photograph best without any clothes at all. Emilia will use swaddles, wraps and blankets with lots of texture, carefully posing your baby in a variety of set-ups.  We have an extensive supply of newborn hats, bonnets, headbands, blankets and props that coordinate beautifully.  Emilia encourages her clients to bring special, personal or sentimental items which make the session and images especially meaningful.


What to expect during the time in the studio

Typical newborn session lasts up to 2.5 hours.  In preparation to your arrival we turn up the heaters to ensure the space is very warm and comfortable for the baby to be undressed. Please wear light clothes or layers to stay cool.

While your baby is feeding we will discuss your preference for colors, styles and poses to plan and create your favorite looks.  We will also consider how you would like to use your images in the future to give you the best result.  It is our recommendation that you take a few photos of your home decor and wall space.  Emilia will work with colors and textures to create art that fits beautifully into your home.


Can I be photographed with my baby?

Most certainly! This is our specialty and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We will capture the emotion of those special first days with your new little one.  After all there is no greater image than a new parent cuddling with and admiring their newborn child. Skin on skin images are a unique way to capture the purity of these relationships, but we also ask parents to bring a  neutral colored shirt.


What about sibling portraits?

These are often most desired, but also most challenging, particularly when a toddler or small child is involved.  We keep it in mind and work with your family to suit the need of the sibling.  Some are very comfortable and happy to get in front of the camera straight away, others need a little time to settle in and observe.  We try to get a sibling portrait early in the session, before your child/ren become restless and uninterested.
If you feel the duration of your newborn session might be too much to handle please consider taking your older child for a play at the nearby Esplanade park (Dad or Grandparents are best) or have him/her picked up early.


We ask you to bring along the following items:

  • dummy: we find it to be very helpful in soothing the baby during posing and doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding and sleeping routine.  Please let us know if you strongly oppose the use of a dummy.
  • clothing:  please bring a top (or a small selection) for each participating member of the family.  We tend to stick to neutral colors for parent and family portraits  – cream, grey, light brown, black, beige work best (no patterns or logos please).  Please keep in mind we have a selection of clothing options for siblings and Mums, so there is no need to buy clothes just for your session.
  • special items:  if your little one was given a special item that you would like to incorporate into the session please feel free to bring it along.  It is helpful if you send us a photo prior to your session so we can create a special set up if necessary.
  • hairbrush and make up for touch ups:  most Mums are unsure about being photographed shortly after giving birth, but we encourage you to get in front of the camera.  This time is truly precious, and Mum & baby portraits are some of the most treasured photographs you and your child will ever have.  There is a beauty station available at the studio, and always plenty of time to get yourself prepared.
  • extra milk or formula:  whilst every baby is different in our experience most babies will get hungry more often during the session. Filtered water, fridge & kettle are available at the studio for your convenience.

tips on how to prepare for newborn photo session with Onesies & Co