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 Please be aware, we are not taking new clients in 2019.  Thank you for your interest!

Growing up in a small Russian town Emilia loved watching her father develop old rolls of black and white film in the small family bathroom – his own make-shift dark room. It is perhaps not surprising that after many years her early experiences lead to an enduring passion for family and photography.  It is her great passion for both, along with a natural undeniable talent and skill, that makes her a recognized family and baby photographer in Perth.   As the principal photographer and sole owner of O Studios, her prime artistic vision and commitment to excellence are in the genre of maternity and newborn photography.

Whether you are searching to work with the best Perth maternity photographer to make a record of your pregnancy or celebrate your baby’s first days, months and years, it is certain that every customer can look forward to breathtaking results. Onesies & Co portrait photography takes great pride that every client is treated with a stress-free memorable experience, heart-warming artwork and as a result, an “I am so glad we did this!” perspective in years to come.

Please use the contact form on this page to inquire about rates and availability by clicking HERE, or call the studio on 08 6225 2039.

In the meantime please explore the site at your leisure and enjoy some of the stunning maternity and newborn photographs that Emilia has taken since opening Onesies & Co Portrait Photography in 2010.

Emilia Gray gives back to the photographic community providing one-on-one detailed coaching for those starting out in the industry. For more information on how to book a coaching newborn session in her Perth studio please click HERE.

Why work with a professional baby photographer?

According to the experts, we are raising the most photographed generation in history, yet kids of today will have no pictures, nothing to show in 10 years time. The fact that everyone owns a mobile phone and has immediate access to an integrated high-resolution camera nowadays makes taking snaps of your child so much easier than it was for previous generations of mothers and fathers. The ongoing chronology of our day-to-day life most often doesn’t see the light of day far beyond that fleeting social media post. In a matter of only weeks (or even days) most captures won’t have any real meaning or might even get deleted to make room for more pictures. Our Life, our past experiences, happy and bitter-sweet memories are represented in those photographs. Sadly most won’t be printed or even looked at more than twice.

It is the opportunity to give parents something genuinely amazing, long-lasting and even timeless that makes Onesies & Co Portrait Photography a full-service studio: we recognize the need for digital images – the ease with which they can be shared with friends and family across the globe. But it’s those printed art pieces – whether it’s something for your wall or a custom designed and hand pieced portrait album, is where the true value of your session is realized. Tangible photographic prints will become some of your family’s most treasured heirlooms.

Pregnancy: an unforgettable time

As excitement and anticipation builds towards the end of the pregnancy, and so do the worries, discomfort, even a feeling that your body no longer belongs to you.   It’s a tricky time: often going past too quickly and leaving without a visual proof that it was also the most beautiful and miraculous time.  Motherhood is one of the biggest challenges a woman can take on.  As passers-by, we often forget that it starts long before the baby arrives.  So treading gently and speaking with kindness is truly the best way to support a new Mother.  Let her know that she is more beautiful than ever – even if she doesn’t feel it.

When baby is only a few weeks away and the pregnancy is coming to its logical conclusion, this is often the time when anxiety kicks in: the anticipation of birth and challenges of the first weeks of baby’s life are on the mind of every Mother-to-be. At Onesies & Co Portrait Photography we wish to take away some of those worries and focus on celebrating the beauty, glow, strength and the undeniable miracle your body is creating.  You will love having a visual record, to reflect on and reminisce about later on.

If you are currently expecting, we recommend taking a look at the section of our website that is dedicated to pregnancy photography in Perth: we feel you are sure to find beautiful photographs of pregnant mothers, a truly beautiful demonstration why this time in your life should be celebrated not endured.

Choosing what to wear during your pregnancy session can be tough, especially if it is your first time posing for professional portraits.  There is no need to worry when you book a session with Onesies & Co:  we will not only supply a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for your session, but also open our studio wardrobe filled with maternity gowns, dresses and drapes – to complete your look. Our aim where Perth maternity photography is concerned is to take all stress out of this process concentrating on producing pictures you will treasure for a lifetime.

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