Enter Juno!

‘gooo’ and ‘gaaaa’ is all I could ever say about this little girl.  She is Juno.  She is divine.  I want to take her home. 🙂

Precious little bean, she arrived 2 weeks early at a compact 5 pounds 9 ounces, nonetheless full of chubby goodness.  I was lucky enough to photograph her on what should have been her due date (and had a little giggle when the alarm clock on dad’s phone went off to remind him that his daughter was meant to be born).


It is always so lovely to meet brand new parents who are completely relaxed and laid back.  I am in awe and to be honest can not relate whatsoever – my  personal experience with the first-born was quite the opposite.
Kathy & Ben, you guys are such easy-going and happy people, and your little treasure is just that –  a treasure!  I loved seeing you all again last night.

Enjoy you precious Juno!




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