Baby photography Baby Anna-Maria

No one knew this little girl was born to promptly save her Mum’s life within days of her arrival. If I ever wondered how much of our own energy new babies can feel and understand, all of my doubts are now gone.  Gently referred to as Mashunya at home she alerted her family to go back to hospital before they knew there was a serious problem.

Watching her Mum tirelessly nurturing her little one during the newborn session, exhausted but not eager to give up and continuing to soothe and rock the baby, it reminded me how precious and special is the connection between Mother and her baby.

Anna-Maria was born into a wonderful Russian family of expats making their life here in Perth. I adored out time together, watching them share a close bond and love of photography as well as our conversations about fascinating technical aspects of just about anything.    Thank you Andrej, Svetlana and new big brother Vlad for placing your trust in me!

_MG_9285 portrait of awake baby girl _MG_9302 _MG_9361