Best Friends

This topic is very dear to my heart.  While growing up (back in Mother-Russia 🙂 ) I was a very introverted child:  the kind who loved to be alone, read books all day, listen to the birds happily chirping outside and dream of the wonderful things future had in-store (how lucky were my parents?)

Making new friends didn’t come naturally for the awkward shy 10-year old me.  And even well into my adulthood meeting new people has always been uncomfortable.

“What will I say?  Maybe I should memorize some questions to keep the conversation going.  Is it better to sit or stand in order to feel comfortable?  Red wine makes my tongue and lips go blue so I should remember to stick to white!” – this rubbish (no other word for it) used to rumble through my head and keep me awake at night.  Yep, it’s embarrassing and pathetic.  Lol, you wouldn’t know now!  I am so glad and grateful for having turned that page.  And for the experience.

Some of us are blessed with life-long friendships – the kind where you meet in pre-school and stick together through childhood, teens, first kisses, break-ups, break-downs, marriages, kids and onwards.  For better, for worse – literally.  I genuinely envy people who have this kind of friends in their lives.

And then some of us go through life with an open heart and an open mind – looking and waiting to meet your other half (or third) – that special person (or people) who complete you.  I am of course not talking about our partners and husbands.  But our best friends.  Those are the girls (in my case) who we laugh and cry with (both done on many occasions), and know the very instant you answer the phone if things aren’t good – without having been told.


After moving to Australia 9 years ago leaving everything and everyone behind it took me a very long time to cultivate these kinds of relationships.  For years I was desperate to have girlfriends who I could share everything with – even the kind of things one wouldn’t tell her husband.  Today I am lucky to have two beautiful (and completely different) women that I call my best friends!  One lives 15 mins down the road, another – 4 hours away.  We don’t talk and see each other nearly as often as we want, but when we do it matters.

5-and-a-half kids between us (that’s 1 on the way), and I absolutely love watching how much they adore each other. In fact it’s by far the most amazing milestone that my kids have achieved to-date  that makes me so proud (as if I had anything to do with it 🙂 ):  how easily they make friends.  And I truly believe it’s the most important skill my children will grow up with – building relationships.

Sam and Ellie are fascinated about meeting new little people.  Bizarre, but for them it takes no effort at all to walk up to a child, smile and start playing together.  Another smile, maybe a giggle and a pat on the back – next thing they are ready to exchange phone numbers asking to play at their new friend’s house.  My heart skips a bit every time I witness this scene.

Luckily my best friends’ kids are their best friends too.  They are sweet, beautiful, cheeky, inquisitive – just like my own.

A post wouldn’t be without photos, and it’s my absolute pleasure to share these with you!




Jon-Roy & Jorja