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Christmas is less than 4 weeks away.  Everywhere we look things are definitely starting to look festive.  This is such an exciting time of the year for families celebrating their baby’s first Christmas!  Many of our little clients belong to this group, thus we have searched for the best gifts ideas from our favorite businesses, in Perth and online.  As a result, here is a list of top 15 gifts ideas which will capture your little one’s imagination, satisfy their development milestones and offer hours of joy:

In the wise words of my go-to baby development expert (and best friend) Edna Giuntini of Giuntini Chiropractic:

Children start becoming explorers of their world around 6 months of age.  They are crawling, then pulling themselves up on things and walking within a very short period of time.  They have an infinite curiosity for the world around them.  The toys you choose can make this stage adventurous and enlightening.  I recommend toys that are closer to what our grandparents had. Those will allow your child to lead the play with their imagination. Most of all (and the greatest benefit): us parents can get physically and emotionally present when using these toys to play with our children.


A selection of our favorite gifts for your baby’s first Christmas celebration

(appropriate for ages 3-12 months old)


Stacking wooden toys

Stacking is one of the developmental milestones. We love wooden options for their tactile and long-lasting qualities. The Playroom in O'Connor and Osborne Park has a great range!

Sensory Baby Ball

Original design from the sixties, this bright Baby Ball will awaken baby's senses. Easy to grab, fun to roll, and deliciously chewable! This and more gift options available from Harley and Soo; 417 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorne

Shape sorting toys

Excellent for fine motor skills and coordination. There are so many varieties of shape sorting toys, you are sure to find a perfect addition to your playroom!

Silicone teether

Available online, or pop into O Studios in Fremantle - we stock this range in our shop! These beautiful teethers are tested and certified, so it's safe for baby to chew on and play with. 1 Howard St, Fremantle (cnr Marine Tc, near Esplanade Park)

Santa photos by Onesies & Co Portrait Photography

The most beautiful keepsake to commemorate your baby's 1st Christmas. Our annual much anticipated event is almost sold out, book your spot now and join us for a special Santa Clause visit.

Nursery art print

The most heartwarming art prints we could find, lovingly hand drawn by a local Perth artist. Each with a unique message, it will make a stunning addition to your baby's nursery or play room. Little Sketchy prints are available from our studio shop: 1 Howard St, Fremantle (cnr Marine Tce, near

Babushka nesting dolls

My kids were lucky enough that their Mum was born in a small Russian town where Babushka (or Matryoshka) nesting dolls were a local craft. Their beloved set now lives in the studio delighting our little clients.


staying Sun Smart at the beach or near the pool is a must in Australia. A cute bathing suit, a hooded towel and a Swim Trainer floating aid will make your baby's time in the water that much more enjoyable! (remember to never leave your baby unattended near water).


The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" red places baby in the correct position for learning to swim, allowing them to safely practice their kicking. You will be amazed how quickly bubs will be kicking around the pool!

Baby Banana brush

This toothbrush is utterly cute and very functional! Easy to hold for those independent 'do-it-myself' characters.

Bandana Bib

100% organic cotton bibs from BabySoul Handmade. These are also available in our store, so pop into O Studios to check out the range: 1 Howard St, Fremantle (cnr Marine Tc, near Esplanade Park)

Fresh fruit teether

What baby doesn't love a juicy apricot or a piece of watermelon? These handy teethers are a wonderful mess-free (or almost mess-free) ways to introduce your little one to solids. Baby Road is our local superstore in Perth, stocking just about everything you'll ever need.

Books, books, books

Usborne touchy-feely series of books was always our favorite, but any books are absolutely wonderful (and essential) for baby's development

Pushing toys, prams or wagons

Whether it's a toy pram or wagon these are perfect for early walkers and imaginative play.

Cloud B Twilight Turtle

The Cloud B Twilight Turtle projects an entire starry night skies to the walls and ceiling of the room. Select from a few soothing colour selections – blue, green, and Amber – to make enchanting, relaxing settings which are suitable for assisting kids of any age simplicity in to a peaceful

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