Girls make the world go round

It’s true for this family, that’s for sure!  Three girls.  Wow, that means 3 times the pretty clothes, 3 times the dancing, 3 heavy sticks required for when they get older – Dad will be busy  sending all the boys on their way in about 10 years time 🙂

We started at the beach, and just as the fun began (meaning we got our feet wet) it started to rain.  Later that afternoon we had a tea party in the park.  Yep, it rained again 🙂

But we sure had a lot of fun!


Myleigh, I take my hat off to you – you are one busy Mummy!  It was such a pleasure to spend some time with you, Hannah, Ashleigh and Georgia.  And Sam keeps talking about them and asking to have a play-date again 🙂


Enjoy your photos!