Maternity & Newborn Photography: Which photography style is right for your family?

Which photography style is right for your family: Lifestyle or documentary?

Today we take more photographs than ever before. The prevalence of smartphones and social media means we are constantly taking and sharing new photos of ourselves and our loved ones, but the sad irony is that the most precious moments are never captured on quality, lasting prints.

At Onesies & Co we are dedicated to creating tangible prints that will stay with your family for years and generations to come using a variety of photographic styles. We specialise in capturing stunning images of maternity and the early days of life that will stay with you forever in traditional, artistic, lifestyle and documentary styles.

While traditional “posed” family photographs remain popular, many families have been opting for more natural lifestyle and documentary family portraits in recent years. These candid styles allow the photographer to take a step back and allow your underlying family dynamic come to the fore.

In this post we look at the benefits and advantages of lifestyle and documentary photography, and whether they are the right choice for your family portraits.

Lifestyle Photography

We believe the key to the best portraits is capturing the family at its most relaxed. In most cases, we visit the family at home or in a nearby outdoor setting where everyone is at their most comfortable. We take the time to get to know your family, conducting the session over a number of hours to capture you at your very best.

While we will always be on hand to offer gentle guidance and advice, we do try to take a step back during lifestyle photography sessions to allow the scene to unfold more naturally. This will help you and your family to relax entirely and gives us the chance to capture those “in-between” moments that can be treasured for years to come.

We have been specialising in maternity and newborn photography in Perth for a number of years using methods that produce exquisite results every time.  Our lifestyle photography captures the true connection between expectant parents, or new mums and dads and their baby. These are rare moments that pass all too quickly, but our beautiful images will ensure they are never forgotten.

Documentary Photography

Not dissimilar to lifestyle photography, documentary photography distances the photographer even further from the situation for a true fly on the wall approach. Typically, the photographer will offer no guidance and advice, staying completely in the background and allowing the family to interact entirely naturally.

While documentary photography can take a little more time, often allowing the family to forget the photographer is there at all, the results can be stunning. Of all the photography styles, this is the one that will produce the most candid and natural results, truly capturing your family’s essence.

At Onesies & Co, we are committed to providing stunning newborn, maternity and family portraits that will capture the most precious moments in your life and last you for years to come. Contact us today to find out more about our custom photography services.