How to prepare for your Pregnancy Session

The final months and weeks of your pregnancy are filled with anticipation, emotion, joy, nerves, and lots of planning and preparation for the new arrival.  Pregnancy portraits are some of our most frequent requests  and we are delighted to photograph your family during this thrilling time.   Together we will select a date, time and location (studio or outdoors) that suits your lifestyle. As always, your partner and children are most welcome to participate! family of 3 expecting a baby


Typically we recommend scheduling your maternity photo shoot between 32 & 37 weeks.  It’s the time when your belly takes on a lovely full shape, yet you are still moving freely and comfortably. This of course is very individual, so we leave a wide window.  Decide if you’d like to wait until your bump is bigger or have your session earlier in the pregnancy.


Comfort is truly the key when it comes to taking great photos. Wearing clothes that make you feel good is one of the areas we discuss at length in preparation for your session.  Stretchy fitted items, solid colors, textured fabrics are a great starting point.   And if there is nothing in your wardrobe that excites you we provide an extensive range of dresses, drapes and outfits made specifically for our maternity photo sessions.  Some one-of-a-kind pieces are available in our studio closet – you are welcome to come in for a fitting prior to your session!

Your partner’s outfit can be kept simple, yet tidy and well fitting.  We find that most men are a little less confident in front of the camera, so help him dress comfortably.  The best way to check if your clothing looks good together is to lay it out on the bed.

Undergarments play a big role!  We suggest nude-colored underwear and tube top or bra (with detachable straps if possible).  If you opted for a glamorous studio session lace, satin and delicate patterns are most welcome.


Hair and make-up is something we typically leave up to you. Rule of thumb: brighter than usual for make-up, bigger volume for wearing hair down or a romantic soft up-do.  If you are feeling nervous or at a loss please let us know and we’ll arrange a hair & make-up artist to come to you on the day.  TIP:  don’t forget to tidy up your nails – they will show in many photos as you cradle your belly (neutral or no color works best).  You can add accessories or fresh flowers to enhance your look and add a special touch.



  • hair brush, spray, bobby pins
  • outfit options
  • accessories
  • blanket or towel (outdoor session)
  • slip-on shoes (beach session)
  • simple nude-color undergarments
  • make up for touch ups


maternity session at sunset