My own – #6 :)

Nope I didn’t secretly spit out 4 more children, but there was another addition to the bunch I (somewhat selfishly) consider my own.   Read more here if you are confused.

Joya’s arrival has been much awaited by her parents:  after a shaky start to this new ‘venture’ and a fairly complicated pregnancy they welcomed their little girl – a true gift, in every sense of the word!  She is a spitting image of her big sister and looks like her big brother as a newborn.  She is the biggest of the bunch (and still under 7 pounds).  She was ‘a bit Irish’ when it came to sleep for the first few weeks – that’s in her Mum’s own words.   Oh, how I wish I could have my cuddles every day.  This munchkin is sooooo special!  I can’t wait to watch her grow (and betting on dark curly hair) 😀   Love you precious!  Oh and your Mum and Dad did well too 🙂


Roy and Dee, what can I say – you did it again!  I miss you tremendously, and your tribe is simply awesome!