Newborn transformation

In 2 months this wee-little one has turned into a slightly bigger but much more alert and animated baby girl.  The smiles were a-plenty, and even on a very quiet morning at the park Lyla attracted plenty of attention,  aawwww’s and comments from passers-by.


I always say that it’s wonderful to watch a brand new soul grow and turn into a little person, and then a bigger one.  As a parent this daily change wasn’t (and isn’t) obvious to me, and only looking back at the photos of my own kids when they were smaller do I realize (and remember) what they were like then.  This is why I love my Belly to Baby project so much!  It’s a wonderful way to record this unique process.  Read more about it here, and in the meantime here is Lyla at 2 months old:


_MG_8431 _MG_8365 _MG_8448 _MG_8398 _MG_8371 _MG_8459 _MG_8466 _MG_8470

  • jade middleton - i would love for my sister-in-law to be jade to have this experience with her baby due mid july 🙂ReplyCancel

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  • Rachael - Hi, id love for my friend rachael to be chosen for the shoot as she has been a fantastic friend to me & deserves a nice reward for being such a lovely person 🙂 xReplyCancel

  • brittany - Would love to know there teh headband and onsie is from i remember seeing it somewhere but cant remember where !ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Her name is Donna Cobb, as this is her third child it would be lovely for them to have some beautiful family photos. Thank you.ReplyCancel