Offspring Magazine – Autumn Edition

It so much fun to plan these themed sessions, with lots of details, lots of kids and of course the amazing fashion items we get to borrow from various suppliers – to dress up our mini models.

Autumn edition of the Offspring magazine is now officially out, so please go grab yourself a copy and sit down for a quiet read!  Once again Kate, the editor of this fabulous resource, has done a wonderful job putting together an issue with a great variety of stories, helpful information, tips for parents and a handy Mother’s Day gift giving guide.  On that note I just have to say that it’s fabulous to have a publication that is local!

It was exciting to shoot this fashion story.  Firstly, because the clothing suppliers we were able to work with are second to none – some of the biggest names in Australian fashion for kids!  Secondly, it is still hard to believe just how smooth everything went on the day.  The location was perfect (thank you Nicky for letting us play in your back yard!), all of the kids were so well behaved and easy to handle (I am glad I wasn’t tempted to use my own – that would be a different story all together!) and the weather…..  it was cold!  🙂

Yep, how lucky that we couldn’t shoot on the +42C day as first planned (can you imaging winter fashions on a hot sunny day?).  A week later, and it was such a mild morning that we were pulling on our cardigans 🙂

I am so happy with how the story looks in the magazine – HUGE credit has to go to the designers who work on putting everything together.  Whoever you are, the hero behind the scenes – thank you!


And now for the images – we are going bush!