Painting LOVE

Family photos don’t have to be boring.  Children are much more willing to pose for pictures if they are having fun (and so are adults of course).

The plan was to celebrate Valentine’s Day by creating artwork inspired by love and family.  I think we can call it a great success! 🙂



_MG_8190 _MG_8187 _MG_8203

_MG_8267 _MG_8260 _MG_8248

Such a happy baby!  Until she realized there was a glitter-paint mustache on her face.  “MUMMMYYYYYYY!”


Big sister got her pay back 🙂

_MG_8298 _MG_8282 _MG_8309


We thought making hand prints would be a great idea…




… but Lilly thought otherwise 🙂



Why not pose for a family photo?   But something was missing.

_MG_8429 _MG_8416
It was supposed to be a family afternoon, so in the end everyone got involved.




_MG_8478 _MG_8477

Perfection!  Lovely end to the day!