Pillow fight

Try to imagine how many feathers there are inside a feather pillow.  Now multiple that by a gazzillion and you’ll be getting closer!

When I suggested the idea of a pillow fight (somewhat unsure) to Michelle, it was an instant hit.  “Can you believe it?” I thought to myself.  What could possibly go wrong?

We kicked off this photo session with a warm up of  ‘let’s launch off the top of the bed frame ‘ (with all the confidence in the world as I imagine it wasn’t their first rodeo).   At which point I decided to give no further instructions – these kids were ready to swing off the ceiling if we let them.

Zeke couldn’t wait to wack his sisters with a pillow 🙂  Finally we were ready and the feathers started flying.
Aha, this was my chance to create breath-taking family portraits, ones that will remind parents all around Australia to let their children jump on the bed, be silly and make great memories!

Except the feathers didn’t stop flying.  Ready to direct the fun-having I opened my mouth (much like that time Charlotte from “Sex and the city” did).  BIG mistake!  We were coughing them up, nervously laughing and trying not to breath.  The camera bag filled up with tiny little fluffs of chicken hell, while kids threw more and more feathers into the air  delighted with our slightly mortified looks.  Instructions unnecessary, the Hawking children really DO know how to put on a good show.

Even cautious-at-first Lukey joined in on the feather-gathering (aka throwing).



  • toni - you amaze me every time I see your posts. Capturing most treasurable moments shared with family. A time of smiles love and laughter. These photos bring so much happiness to me seeing the fun and joy on each picture. Makes me remember the times as a child and run a muck days with my 3 daughters. So makes me want to pull out the pillows and let our hair down, laugh, dance, smile cuddle and embrace. Thank you for again showing the brightness of family love and to the family for allowing you to share such a memorable day that they will remember forever.ReplyCancel