Stockland Baldivis Ambassadors | Helayna, Harper, Sydnee & Oliver

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Helayna Miller, 7.  Favorite place:  My dance studio

At such early age Helayna is already a seasoned and confident performer.  She lives and breaths dance – it was clear from the moment we met.  So wonderful to see real passion and enthusiasm in someone so young!

“I love dancing.  I started four yeas ago.  I was 3.  I have won lots of medals and awards like the Under 5 Aggregate award.  I hope I get the Under 7 award this year.  I like all kinds of dance but especially acrobatic.  My studio is a great place to meet friends.  We practice routines together and sometimes I do a solo.  Dancing makes me feel really happy.  It makes me want to tell everyone.”

Beaming smile – so proud to show me all her trophies!


Harper Everts, 4.  Favorite place:  Grandma and Grandad’s house

“When I go to Grandma and Grandad’s house I like to play with Grandad’s wooden train set.  He gets it out when I come over.  Angus is their little dog.  He’s soft, with black and white fur (Angus is a miniature Schnauzer).  Grandad has a veggie patch where he grows tomatoes and herbs.  I like to help him in the garden.  So does my big sister, Imogen”

I think this is what childhood memories are truly made of!


Sydnee Gould, 9.  Favorite place:  Secret Harbour Golf Links

Another little girl with a BIG passion.  It was quite amazing to watch Sydnee practice her swing on the driving range and putting on the course.  Lot’s of concentration and impressive amount of control.

“I started golf lessons three years ago, when I was 6.    Now I have lessons each Saturday morning – I have my own set of clubs.  I get very disappointed if the lesson is cancelled because of bad weather.  My dad takes me there and then he goes for breakfast in the clubhouse with my friend’s dad.  The course is lovely and green with lots of trees, right next to the beach.  I love being outside in the sun and having fun with friends.”


Oliver Kimber,5.  Favorite place:  Naragebup.

“I love lizards at the Environment Centre.  They are all different colours and shapes.  Some of them are really big.  They are funny looking.  There is a butterfly house but we haven’t seen any butterflies yet.  I go to the Centre with my grandma and grandad.  We play together in the playground and the cubby house.  I like to have a pineapple icy pole – they are so sweet and yummy and they never melt.  I can eat a whole icy pole by myself”

I love Ollie’s comments – so sweet and innocent!  Snakes, frogs and lizards are great, but icy poles are the BOMB! 🙂  Naragebup is in the heart of Rockingham.  Definitely a worthwhile place to visit with kids.  It happens to be a turtle rescue facility and sometimes you get to see them being nurtured and prepared for release back to natural habitat.  It really is a lovely place with lots of educational school holiday activities.  We’ll be heading there this week!  (Check out their web page and turn on the speakers!  I had it running in the background all day and even spooked clients who thought there were birds in the roof).

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You may notice that only 11 out of 12 Ambassadors were featured on the blog.  Due to difficult circumstances I was asked to not publish any photos of one of the kids.  However I still want to acknowledge this child who made a big effort and smiled regardless of circumstances, and had an impact far bigger than he can realize.  I hope you are still very proud of being part of this project and hold you head up high even is someone out there decides to knock you down!  It’s hard to have great attitude through difficult times, but winners do.  We all saw the pride and joy in your eyes.  I hope you can hold that feeling close to your heart!