Stockland Baldivis Ambassadors | Sophie, Ella, Bethany

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Sophie Knight, 5.  Favorite place:  Rockingham beach


“We go to the beach a lot, sometimes with my cousins who live on the same property as us.  Mum takes me on the pedal boats sometimes from one end of the beach to the other and there is a bouncy castle there too plus a little train.  I like swimming, making sandcastles, getting seashells, having fish & chips.  At Rockingham beach there are sulphur-crested cockatoos in the trees.  We have birds at home too – finches, galahs, peacocks.  Plus roos, possums, alpacas and an emu.

Sophie is a joyful little girl who is full of beans of course!  I was luck to share many hugs and loved every single minute we spent on the beach. 

Ella Battle, 9.  Favorite place:  Family farm

“We go to our farm as often as we can.  Hopefully we will be living there in time for Christmas.  My grandma and grandpa will also live ther in their own house.  My favourite are of the farm is the dam.  I’ve seen some ducks living around the dam.  I play hide and seek, treasure hunt and jump on the trampoline next to the shed.  There are some trees already but I want to plant fruit trees:  orange, apple and lemonade”

After reading the brief about Ella and her chosen place I was really looking forward to visiting.

It sounded like a tranquil little gem so close to the hustle and bustle of Baldivis.

Ella was so eager and proud to show me around, pointing out eagerly where the new house is going to stand

and matter-of-factly to the areas where snakes were spotted (shrug with me!)

At the very end of my stay she absolutely WOWed with her amazing skills and confidence on the dirt bike!


Beth Calder, 12.  Favorite place:  Steel tree park.

“I go to Steel Tree park after school at least once a week because it’s close to my house.  I take our dog Indah for a walk around the giant oval on the leash.  She’s a five year old Golden Retriver.  The park is named after a bit steel sculpture of a tree  I love the playground which has monkey bars, swings and a flying fox.  I like to ride my bike on the path that goes around the park.  I feel very safe there.”


Indah the dog kept us laughing – she did her job or running, chasing and sniffing very well 🙂  It was lovely to have the whole family watching over Beth, and enjoying some sunshine is this beautiful part of Baldivis.  It’s not often we find a place that suits all ages – from little kids to teenagers to families to adults.  Plenty of room for everyone and a great spot to unwind in such a busy and densely populated suburb!

Beth enjoys taking a book on her visits to the park and spend some quiet reading time under the big trees.  It was lovely to share and capture those moments in photos.

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