Family questionnaire

To help us get to know all family members participating in your upcoming portrait session and best prepare for our time together please fill in the questionnaire and provide as many details as possible.

Family members / session participants and DOB*
What unique character traits to do you and your children have? What do you love about them?
Are there any special needs or personal characteristics that we need to know about?
What are the 3 most important things for you to get from our time together?*
What do you plan to do with the photography?*
How important is displaying your art on the walls to you?
What have you seen / experienced before that you liked or disliked?
What are your financial and timing expectations or requirements (if any)?
Where might you be found on a Saturday afternoon with no plans?
What brings your family together?
Describe your vision for the session and what you most want to capture (incl. any special requests or must-have images):
What colors, textures or accessories would you like us to use for your session?
What are some of your favorite moments / activities / hobbies you share with your kids and spouse? (list individually)
What are you favorite memories or stories involving your own parents and grandparents?
What are some key events in your life's journey?
What are your favorite things about your family life?
What are your most treasured memories from the past?
How would you describe the style of your home?
If you could shop anywhere for furniture and decor items, where would you go?
Describe your personal style:
How did you hear about us?