How to prepare for your family photo session: FAQ

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Dear parents, please use this helpful list to prepare for your family photo session with Onesies & Co.

First and most important, remember – we are here to make it a smooth and stress-free process for you and your family.  This means we will support you throughout preparation and planning stage: from choosing a perfect location and styling your session recommending to selecting wardrobe colors and even taking charge over your kids if they happen to be too crazy, tired or grumpy on the day.  We’ve got it!

Scheduling the session

It’s best to give us 4-6 weeks notice (or more during the busy time of the year).  Life with kids is busy, so we will book around your schedule.  Please keep in mind that Saturdays are most popular and do book out first, but we also have mid-week after school/work appointments available.  You can contact the studio letting us know of your desired date.

Outdoor sessions take place in the early evening, about 1 hr before sunset.  Studio sittings can be booked any time during the day.  Typically we keep them short and sweet, up to 45 minutes in duration.

How should I prepare for my session?

We recommend that small kids arrive to the session well-rested.  We know how challenging it is to get your family ready and on the way in a timely manner.  Consider having an easy-going afternoon with no other activities planned on the same day.  No matter what age, kids (and, as a result, us parents) get overwhelmed easily and can simply fall apart by the time you arrive.  Keep things simple.

We encourage that you ‘paint the picture’ of what’s going to happen during the session.  Let them know that they will meet Emilia, who is going to play and take some photos of all of you together.  Please don’t ask your kids to behave or do what Emilia is asking.  We find the best results are when trust between your kids and the photographer is established early on, which means she needs to be their friend, not someone giving out instructions.  Emilia will take time to get to know each family member and find a way to create that trust.

What if things don’t go to plan?

If your child is starting to ‘loose it’, please don’t despair!  Let Emilia take charge and try to diffuse the situation or re-direct attention elsewhere.  Some parents find it beneficial to step away for a few minutes (please stay in view) to calm down and re-group.  We ask you to avoid getting upset with your kids if they are not following instructions.  Emilia will change tactic and adjust as she gets to know them.  And of course she will ask you to step in if your assistance is required.

If your baby is having an unsettled moment please take your time to keep him/her attention and comfort.  Walking around or even taking a snack break often does the trick.

My husband and I are not comfortable in front of the camera.

We always encourage parents to participate.  Gentle posing direction will be given (we ensure you don’t look stiff or awkward, even if it feels that way in the process).  We will also try to engage and suggest activities that allow you to interact as a family, resulting in more casual, playful, natural-looking photographs.  These are always our clients’ favorite images.

What should we wear?

This helpful guide can serve as a starting point in selecting your wardrobe pieces.  We recommend laying out a full outfit for 1 family member; using it as a base and adding other items as you go.   If you are shopping, make sure to take it with you to check the colors are complimentary.  Emilia regularly helps her clients choose clothing and accessories, ensuring that they look harmonious all together.  Please feel free to get in touch or send her some pictures if you need her opinion.

Please note that long hair can get messy in the breeze.  Style it up or use  hairspray to prevent fly-aways as required.

We recommend you bring along the following items:

  • baby supplies
  • water and snacks (dry or mess-free)
  • brush, hair ties or pins
  • tissues or water-wipes
  • slip-on shoes (for beach walking)
  • towel (for beach sessions)

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